Transfer Contact From iPad To Computer

How can I transfer contacts of my iPad?

Which is the best way of transferring iPad contacts?

Is it possible to transfer contacts of iPad without iTunes?

Apple’s iPad restricts file transfer directly to the other storage devices like iPod Touch, iPhone. iTunes can be used to sync computer with iPad contents like podcasts, movies, videos, songs, calendar, contacts, images etc. During synchronization with different devices it only keeps one created backup. It is the essential part in the arrangement of you iPhone, ipod and iPad contents. But the iTunes performs only in one way. It lets you only iPad, iPhone and iPod contents to copy to and from computer.

Complete and direct transfer of Contacts of iPad to other device without iTunes is possible now. With the help of iPad Contact Transfer software, this can easily transfer all the contacts of your iPad to the computer. It not only transfer the contacts but also emails, calendars, images, notes etc from iPad to computer and from computer to iPad.

iPad Contact Transfer software allows to edit, create and delete the contacts stored in the ipad. This helps in organizing the contacts in hierarchical manner. ITunes doesn’t allows to it read and copy the contacts of iPad but from contact transfer software this can be done.

Free Download(For Win) Free Download(For Mac)

This software supports transfer iPad contacts to your computer, and backup the contacts from iPad to iTunes. It has very simply transferring process that means there is no need of extra technical knowledge.

  1. Sync you ipad to the computer.
  2. Start the ipad contact transfer software.
  3. Select the contacts that you want to transfer.
  4. Choose the supposed path to save the copied contacts.
  5. After that click on the transfer button.
  6. Now, check out the contacts on your system.

Just by following simple steps you can get the perfect result without any complications. It transfers the contacts devoid of any harm. It has powerful algorithm that automatically scans your iPad. Transfer not only contacts from iPad to computer but also to iPhone and iPod.

User Guide: How to Use iPad iPad/iPad2 file transfer software on Windows system

Step: 1

Download and install iPad file transfer on your PC. After that, Run it.

Step: 2

Connect your ipad/iPhone. Now, a list of all files gets displayed on your screen. So, select the one that you want to Transfer/copy. Then, finally click on "Copy" button.

Free Download(For Win) Free Download(For Mac)